Chemical Dependency/Abuse-Alcoholism-Alcohol Abuse Drug Addiction/Abuse
Anger Management for the Twenty-First Century Adolescent- Adult
Dependency becomes a form of trying but no longer being able to receive.

"Four Horsemen - Terror, Bewilderment, Frustration, Despair."
A Vision

"Legions of Demons" a newer term as I've heard from those under 18
The eight tools of anger management include not limited to:
Tool One -------Dealing with stress.
Tool Two -------Empathy Development/Maturity.
Tool Three -----Respond instead of React.
Tool Four ------Change Self-Talk.
Tool Five -------Assertive Communication.
Tool Six --------Adjust Those Expectations.
Tool Seven ---- Forgive, but don't forget.
Tool Eight -----Retreat and Think Things Over.
Classes can be 8 - 12 - 26 - 40 weeks
AOD Testing
2 to 5 Panel Rapid Urine or
Saliva tests with immediate results
* Amphetamines
* Methamphetamines
* Cocaine
* Opiates
* THC-Marijuana
* Benzodiazapines
* Barbituates
* Methadone
* Ecstasy/MDMA

costs is
$10 with individual session
$20 by appointment
Immediate results for the above.
If you want a confirmation with
levels it is $35
Prices subject to change
Anger Management

I am not angry, I'm frustrated
and that makes me feel
vulnerable and when I think I
am vulnerable I get angry.
It is too scary

This below you can learn!!
"Anyone can be angry, that is easy. But to
be angry with the right person, to the right
degree, at the right time, for the right
reason, and in the right way, this is not
easy." Aristotle (384-322B.C

Our heart has a brain (actually a few)
Work &  Family Intervention (how to do one)
Assist employers, family and friends in the process of doing an intervention.
Lynn Seely Counseling
Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD)- Anger Management  - Co-Dependency
assessment, evaluation and treatment
State of California and Nationally Certified CADC-II
and SAP for DOT treatment
Phone/text (760) 384-3000
"CPS the courts were telling me to do all this stuff and I had no idea where to begin. When I met
Lynn and she began to tell me where to start what was important, in detail. I felt empowered
with a plan that I believed I could do this. I heard a lot about her and not all of it was nice but
then I looked at the ones that made it, they didn't say bad things. They did at first they said and
they never felt pushed, again I was given the power to take care of what I had to do." Posted