With LSC your information will not be entered on any data base other than LSC's secure file and appointment book. Your information is guarded & considered private in every area within the standards
of state and federal laws regarding HIPAA, emanate danger to self or others and subject to court order (must request specific information/data).
Any information regarding you must be approved in writing by you and defined by you.
If anyone asks about you, LSC will deny any knowledge of you without prior approval by you. LSC will notify you of any inquiries about you when possible.

Assessment tools such as
ASAM (six dimensions to determine level of care) and ASI (Addiction Severity Index)  are used to provide the best-suited treatment and or referral.

When applicable LSC will assist you with an initial treatment plan within 30 days of enrollment to focus on nine areas that have been battered, torn or neglected:
Substance(s) Medical, Legal, Psychosocial (family/social), Education, Employment/Vocation, Financial, Mental to make a first step statement identification of problem(s)
in each area that we will brainstorm a plan with measurable short and long term goals with specific actions that you develop, decide and create.
Example of some problem areas include dual diagnosis, alcohol/drug addiction, co-dependency, education, anger, life style changes, legal and financial obligations, self esteem, relapse prevention,
progression to relapse, re-establishing primary relationships, building family relationships, coping, grief & loss, stress, parenting in recovery, communication skills, boundary setting -
a numerous list of great and terrible interwoven challenges as it relates to substance abuse.
IMPORTANT: You will be expected to take action, treatment for substance abuse disorders is not "therapy" I strongly suggest connecting to a therapist and one that will support you in your endeavors to
live the life you want. This is also for program sponsors & friends I strongly suggest you remain close to people who are supportive of you.

In fact chose to only be with people who think and say out-loud that you are one of the most amazing people they know.
It is IMPORTANT  that you know how to resolve the problem if you are abusing alcohol and/or drugs.
Drinking/Using dilutes, mimics, a multitude of problems - not just mental health.
It is messy and a qualified counselor CADC-II (California) can help. With 30 years of first hand research  & 21 years of renovation
Alcoholism is primary, chronic, progressive and fatal:
Primary (nothing else causes it) chronic (does not go away) progressive (gets worse) fatal (will kill). But is highly treatable.
Check out Rat Park - can we do that here?
LSC encourages family members and support persons to be a part of the recovery process.
Those closest to the alcoholic / addict generally suffer psychological damage and often become more emotionally distressed than the alcoholic/addict themselves.
Anger Management Eight to Forty weeks
To benefit from the entire program attend a minimal of 8 to 10 weeks/sessions.

Anger Management will not meet the COURT ORDER order for Domestic Violence.
It will be written on your court paper specifically what program you must attend.

(Curriculum is approved by East Kern County Courts and Probation)
Century Anger Management Program also has the following approvals:
California Board of Corrections (now called the "Standards Corrections Authority" for the training of field probation, parole, and correctional officers: Cert Number: 3530-031088
California Board of Behavioral Sciences: PCE# 2668
The Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists: # 5063
Orange County Probation Department
Texas Certification Board Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: # 1739-06
Illinois Alcohol & Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association: # 9140
Florida Certification Board: # 5107-P
California Association for Alcohol and Drug Educators: (CAADE): # CD10704C1105
National Association of Addiction Professionals: (NAADAC): #570
California Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors: (CAADAC): # IN-06-745-0108
Texas Board for Certification of Addiction Specialists:  # 5063

8 to 40 Sessions are available
Sessions are
60 – 90 minutes

$55 enrollment (includes letter of enrollment provided and/or faxed/mailed to referring agency/court/employer/person).
$35 individual or couple - Family rate available

Often an individual has stated, "I wish my wife/husband/kids could do this course." It really is not needed because when you do just a couple things different everything changes.
When one person begins to listen/ honor others it causes an enviornmental shift & perceptions change.

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At the
CPFC Center for Personal & Family Counseling
Alcohol & Drug Counseling (AOD)
Anger Management for Adults, Adolescents & Seniors
LSC main objective is to offer those once asleep in addiction, abuse and/or destructive behavior the dignity to begin living in balance and regain stability.
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